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Harbour Ministries Housing







Harbour Ministries Housing act as managing agent for Green Pastures in connection with 41-43 Lowfield Street, a property of 8 flats used to house the homeless.


To find, assess and accommodate homeless people in the short to medium term who we can assist through positive and caring relationships based on Jesus' love.  To move those we accommodate from dependency to a fulfilling and sustainable life within the wider community.


  • Commit all we do to prayer.
  • Provide a safe, secure and maintained living environment for our residents.
  • Befriend the residents individually through structured meetings.
  • Assist the residents in their interface with society and taking their place in it.
  • Have procedures in place and trained out so our volunteers can operate safely and effectively.
  • Maintain the utmost confidentiality concerning our residents and volunteers.

Pastoral - We have a member of staff to provide pastoral care to the residents and tenancy support management

 Maintenance - We provide maintenance management/implementation and carry out regular Health and Safety checks.  Cleaning is also undertaken for the communal areas of the property.


  • By praying for our residents, that they may see the love of Jesus.
  • By giving financially.



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